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Our Profession

We represent locally owned and operated funeral homes. Our role at the funeral home is to do two things: to help people with advance funeral and cremation planning, as well as to do our unique Continued Care service for families who have just experienced the loss of a loved one.

Why Do People Buy
Pre-Arranged Funeral Plans?

  • Don’t leave decisions to their family (children).
  • Get what they want and avoid family disagreements
  • Spend less money in an unemotional environment
  • Prices are guaranteed not to be higher in the future
  • Plans are exempt from Medicaid attachment

We work with the staff in the funeral home and meet with families daily. We often office at the funeral home so it is important that our sales counselors are emotionally equipped to meet with and be around grieving families. We always strive to be as compassionate and caring as possible.

Funeral Homes are anxious to support our efforts to sell pre-arranged funeral plans because these plans ensure that the entire arrangement process at the time of death will be easier for families. Advance funeral and cremation plans also ensure the funeral home will have business in the future, a significant benefit to funeral homes!

84% of surveyed American adults believe pre-planning is a good idea. And yet, only about 46% take the next step to do it. Why? Maybe for a variety of reasons, but it may be that we haven’t marketed to them in the right way, in the proper method, or at the right time.

Our target market are adults 55 – 80 years old. We also meet with children of older parents who are not able to meet due to illness or a lack of mobility. Meeting with children gives us an opportunity to suggest they also plan for themselves.

Life As An Agent

The career of selling pre-arranged funeral and cremation plans can be one of the most rewarding jobs you will ever experience.

Buying a pre-arranged plan gives customers Peace of Mind. Their families won’t be left with difficult decisions or a financial burden. Pre-arranged funeral and cremation plans are funded by a unique kind of life insurance policy.

Continued Care

We hire salespeople who share the mutual belief that sales are always closely tied to service. And that through good quality service, sales are a natural result.

Most funeral homes we represent see the value and benefit of our doing Continued Care for the families the funeral home has just served. Continued Care is an essential point of difference versus our competitors in the pre-arranged funeral planning profession. Continued Care is a difference maker!

Continued Care is a difference maker!

We meet with families a day or two after the funeral or memorial service. There is a lot to do after the loss of a loved one. We know who to call and what to say. Each appointment usually takes about an hour, with second appointments that take less than an hour.

Our Continued Care appointments are face-to-face, usually at the funeral home. We rarely make these appointments over the phone or on Zoom.

The promising news is that Continued Care service is one of the most consistent lead sources an agent will have. Based on our history and experience, we expect 20% – 30% of your sales to come from Continued Care families.


Our sales agents must have and maintain a Life Producer license issued by the state where they do business. In some states, another kind of license is also required. All licenses are relatively easy to obtain by studying the training materials for 1-2 weeks and then taking the state license exam. You will need to pass the test at 70% or higher.

The vendors below all offer affordable training materials to help you learn the principals and be ready to pass the licensing exam. Exam FX is our preferred vendor because they offer you a large discount from everyday pricing by associating with Family Service Agency. Their materials help agents to pass the licensing exam the first time with confidence.

Daily Routine

One of the nice things about our job is that there is no “typical day.” It doesn’t exist. Some days are scheduled with back-to-back appointments, while other days are spent doing lead generating activities, and of course, there are many days where you will do both things.

You make your own schedule; make your own appointments so whatever flexibility you want or need is up to you. That said, our Continued Care visits generally need to be done by early afternoon in order to reach government and financial institution offices during regular business hours. Because we target the senior market, sales appointments are generally done during the day. Once in a while we have a night appointment or even a Saturday appointment but they are not the norm.

Best-In-Class Training

We start with online training in our web-based Learning Center combined with our Agent Training Workbook to ensure solid understanding.

FAST START training for 2 days at the funeral home is our first face-to-face training with a Manager/Trainer

Next comes a 3-day classroom training “New Agent Training I”

Sales appointments with a Manager/Trainer take place the next week

New Agent Training II happens 4 weeks later

Continued Care appointments with a Manager/Trainer

Zoom and phone support are always available for assistance

Monthly Zoom “Huddles” provide on-going training and support


A Better Place to Work

To a new agent coming into this profession I would say be very aware of how important your job is and how much you help families. The work you do today may not make a difference for that family for a number of years but when that day comes, that family – their children – will be very thankful you did your job and that you did it well.


If I were to give a little tidbit to an agent just starting with this wonderful agency, I would say follow the systems that are in place. You can trust this system; you can trust this management team. They know what they’re doing, they’ve had experience. Follow the advice, take the training and you will be so excited to see where your career goes.


I would tell a new agent just starting with Family Service Agency is that they have the right company. I’ve never seen another company that devotes time for training with the agent one-on-one, with internet training, demonstrations, everything that a new agent needs Family Service Agency does.


I never knew working in the funeral industry could be so rewarding personally and professionally. With discipline, applying the techniques and principles Family Service Agency prescribes, will change your business and your life. Simply apply the proven formula, with dedication and persistence, and you will find great personal and financial rewards. As you truly strive to meet the needs of the families you meet with, your needs will also be met.


I’ve been with FSA for a little over two years. Selling preneed is a very rewarding career. It is fun to get to know families and help them before and at the time of need. I strongly recommend following the guidance of your leader. I like to do Lunch n’ Learns and expos. Sticking to the FSA sales presentation is key as well. It will answer all the questions that families normally have so they don’t leave your office wondering. Set goals. Review goals weekly to keep you accountable. FSA has a great website; use it and learn from it.


“Go to work with service in your heart and the money will follow”. I believe this is the perfect description of how we interact with our families and our funeral homes. As Family Service Counselors we get to help families plan ahead and be better prepared for the time they know is coming. We are also there afterward to relieve much of the stress they are feeling after losing a loved one.


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