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One size does not fit all!

Family Service Agency (FSA) is committed to meet YOUR situation based on your needs and wants. Of course, including Continued Care as part of our service to you is our preference but let’s analyze your situation to see what best fits.

We can absolutely tailor a program that best meets your expectations!

Select The Service Option Best For You


Complete Preneed System

  • Continued Care
  • Agent acquisition and retention
  • Competitive agent commissions
  • Monthly health care agent bonus
  • Best-in-class training
  • Online proprietary CRM
  • Online Learning Center
  • Regional Manager support
  • Full Marketing support
  • Marketing Library
  • Monthly Sales Reports
  • Funeral Home eligible for incentive trips

Established Preneed System

  • Competitive agent commissions
  • Best-in-class training
  • Online proprietary CRM
  • Online Learning Center
  • Regional Manager support
  • Full Marketing support
  • Marketing Library
  • Monthly Sales Reports
  • Funeral Home eligible for incentive trips

Limited Preneed System

  • Competitive agent commissions
  • Online proprietary CRM
  • Online Learning Center
  • Marketing Library
  • Regional Manager support
  • Monthly Sales Reports

Find YOUR Solution

Our partnership begins here. By learning about your unique wants and needs, we can help you select the best option for your circumstances and competitive environment.

To set up an exploratory meeting to discuss how we can best help you, please click here.

Continued Care

FSA’s Model Of Continued Care

Continued Care is a difference maker! It is a way to enhance the service you give to your families. They don’t expect this help from the funeral home so when it is offered – as part of your service – families are both surprised and delighted!

Most funeral homes we represent see the incredible value and benefit of our doing Continued Care for the families the funeral home has just served. Continued Care is an essential point of difference between us and our competitors in the pre-arranged funeral planning profession. Continued Care is indeed a difference maker.

Continued Care answers the question, “After the funeral, now what?” Our sales people (we call them Family Service Counselors) meet personally with each family after the service or as soon as they are ready to tackle the job of taking care of estate and financial matters.

There is a lot to do after the loss of a loved one. We know who to call and what to say. Each appointment usually takes about an hour, with follow-up appointments that take less than an hour.

Our Continued Care appointments are face-to-face, usually at the funeral home. We rarely make these appointments over the phone or Zoom.

You do not pay our Family Service Counselors for this service. Continued Care costs you nothing while at the same time enhances and expands the level of service you provide to families!

When done properly, enough families will be interested in making their own pre-arrangements to make this a very productive preneed lead generation activity.

The amazing reality is that Continued Care service is one of the most consistent lead sources a sales agent will have. Historically, we expect 20% – 30% of sales to come from Continued Care families.

We hire salespeople who share the belief that sales are always closely tied to service. And that through good quality service, sales are a natural result.

We know that both Funeral Homes AND Families love this service. Here’s what they have to say:

“It helps take the stress off. In the past we were with another agency and I kind of felt like we got lost in the shuffle. They see us as an important funeral home.”

Laura P

“At one time we tried to do the whole thing by ourselves and it was way overwhelming and what we have now works much better.”

Kelly S

“I have looked at other 3rd party agencies. I have not been completely satisfied with all of the things I need to serve my families, that’s the bottom line. That’s what I look for in Family Service Agency is how they can help me help those I’m trying to heal.”

Jared C

“It’s such a comfort to have everything taken care of.”

Sarah, Daughter of Deceased

“You know that level of service after the funeral, I didn’t know would happen. They gave me all of the help I needed to relieve the stress in my life.”

Jane, Daughter of Deceased

“There were a lot of issues that he brought up that had never crossed our minds. He was very helpful and beneficial.”

Brent, Son of Deceased

Engaging Marketing

QA + QA + MA = C

Marketing is not an exact science or formula. And yet, a preneed program that has Quantity of Activities combined with Quality of Activities along with a good Mental Attitude is set to thrive in Compensation. Let’s dive deeper:


Doing the right activities on a consistent, frequent basis


There must be a call to action, the ability to get names, phone numbers and email addresses

Mental Attitude:

Focuses on knowledge, skills and professionalism

Marketing should be engaging, educational and informative. This is one reason we do lots of Community Outreach activities.

Our marketing system is like an 8-cylinder engine. Lots of activities working together leads to power and success. Helping a sales agent keep busy and focused on the right activities is a must.

Here are the core elements of our Engaging Marketing

Community Outreach events result in high quality leads

Continued Care leads are very warm

Proven turnkey Direct Mail program delivers leads to your door

Self-generated referrals come as a result of great service

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